Dream experience with Stephen Alter..

The most precious time of my life are last few days when I received lots of surprises from media but the most valuable one turned to be an invitation to attend “AN AUTHOR’S AFTERNOON” at Taj Bengal, Kolkata. Being a t2 reader and offering regular feedback, suddenly I got a mail because of they loved my letters and wanted to contact me. I was so mesmerized and when I got an offer to attend the event I was overwhelmed. Despite of my exams next week I agreed to attend the session, after all who misses the opportunity to meet Stephen Alter in person?


It was 16th November, 2016, the most memorable date in my calendar, I could not leave my elder brother behind to be a part of this wonderful evening. The deluxe was one of the best in town; the marvelous lobby and the luxurious interior took my heart away. We first took a lift to fifth floor and headed towards “Chambers” where preparation for the evening was in full progress. Settling down and having comfortable snacks, there he came, Stephen Alter, the star of the evening. We shook our hands and the event started. The event was based on a presentation on one of his books, published last year, “BECOMING A MOUNTAIN”. The memories he embedded, cherished for years, narrated once more to share his views with us. The session was worth watching, I find myself lucky to be a part of the magnificent evening. The book with a naturalist’s eye and a poet’s pen, a victim of violence looks to the Himalayas for healing. Becoming a Mountain is a beautiful personal narrative of a man’s journey to regain his inner compass after tragedy has struck. It is a tonic for the soul, and should be read slowly and deliciously. The delightful event came to an end with signing his books and a personal interaction with all of us. We all received a copy of the book signed by him, and thus the most precious moment of my life culminated with sublime note of memories.

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