Dream meet with Chetan Bhagat

I’ve been wildly fortunate over the years to have met some of my very favorite authors.. Few days back I had the  pleasure of meeting one of my favourite authors ,the fiction writer Chetan Bhagat himself, yes! it took a few minutes to get up the nerve to go and talk to him.And according to me this was the best opportunity to meet him, when t2 invited me to have a round of personal  interaction with him. I was the only lucky fan from Kolkata who got selected to attend the personal interview session with him. Being a fan girl of him, it was always in my wishlist to get his books signed by himself. And this dream came true when i attended the book Launch of “ONE INDIAN GIRL” last month. But meeting him in person was a thrilling sensation . That moment was truly a star struck moment for me when he took a seat beside me and offered me  a cup of coffee. During our conversations when he asked me to introduce myself, was pretty awestruck discovering my painting and fashion designing skills. It quite feels good when your favourite author asks you for more paintings and what else do you need ? The best minute I have ever spent.


Then he signed all of his books which i carried, in the days since the signing, I’ve looked at the autographs a few times, read the new novel, and scanned the photos taken at the event, but it’s the memory of our brief conversation, now crisp in my mind after allowing time to settle, that makes me feel renewed.




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