The Last Letter


Ananya, a girl of twenty six belongs to a Punjabi family. Her father Mr.Aditya Malhotra is one of the richest businessmen in town. She has every kind of pleasure in this world, without her mother’s love and affection due to her death when Ananya was just three. She has not much memories of her mom. Ananya is a bubbly girl, full of life and happiness; she makes everyone happy, she is the main attraction of this Malhotra Mansion. She is quite ambitious and she is an MBA, doing job as Business head at TCS, Delhi. She makes lakhs a month, she is independent in her own way, and she actually doesn’t care about her father’s property. But she is the only heir of the huge property that her dad has.

Today is the best day of Ananya’s life; she is going to marry her own love, Nitin, an employee at her office. Her father agreed to her daughter’s wish to marry a common man, who earns less than her daughter because of Ananya’s happiness. But he had one condition that Nitin had to stay at their place. So today is the lovely day, best memories are going to come in Ananya’s life. She is looking gorgeous in her Designer lahenga, the beautiful Dulhan is overwhelming with joyful charm. Today she is happy, in fact she is cheerful with the thought of being a good life partner, but she is missing her mother after so many years. Ananya does not think much about her mom, because after she lost her at very early age her father gave her much affection and played a vivid role to be her single parent of her child.

She was the room, sitting alone in front of the mirror, feeling lonely. Everything was perfect in her life without her mother’s vacancy. She had no idea why she was thinking about this, but she was quite uncomfortable at that moment. Then suddenly she hears a knock at the door and she came to this real world. Her father enters her room with a wooden box full of jewelleries which belonged to his wife. Mr. Malhotra wanted her child to wear her mother’s jewelleries. So she agreed, when her father left, she opened the box with a huge smile, and it was full of old jewelleries, maybe which her mother inherited from her old generation. But there was something else, lying at the corner of the box, it was a letter written by her mother. Ananya was awestruck because at this age also she doesn’t even know about thus letter exists.

She began to read the letter, it says…..

To my little princess,

 I know when you will read will read this letter, I’ll be no more in your life. I’m suffering from Cancer and your father has supported me a lot, but I know, there is no chance of avoiding death at this age of time. That’s why I’m writing my hearts out through this letter so that you can know my wishes and my pains when you are mature enough to understand. I have always wanted to be a good mother but fate has not allowed me to be so. God is taking away me from my little one at so early stage of your life. I know my little princess is brave; she can chase her dreams and be successful without my presence also. I know she will be a great person, good at heart like her dad.  I’m not telling that you can get mother’s affection from anyone else in this world but your dad loves you too. He will always protect you; he will always take care of you, no matter what happens he will be a perfect parent for you.

I love you a lot, do one thing for me, don’t let him go away from your heart, and please try to be yourself, no matter what, don’t change your dreams for anyone. Keeping your career aside try to fulfill your wishes, add up your secret thoughts in your mind and try to enjoy every little moments of your life. This may look over thinking at this stage of your life, but when you will overcome your youth, you will come to know that you have many wishes left incomplete.  I just want you to live your dreams, may all the happiness comes to your way of success..

                                                           Mamma loves you a lot…

                                                            I’ll miss you…

Then tears rolled down from Ananya’s cheeks. She couldn’t stop crying, though it ruined her heavy makeup, she didn’t care. Then she found a diary of her mother in which she probably had written her secret wishes which she wanted to fulfill. They were few, but every wish had its own melodies, overwhelming charms…

  1. Live in this world for long days, and want to go for a world tour alone, without worries, without barriers.
  2. Help poor families to live at their best.
  3. Has her own library one day.
  4. Have a life full of glorious events every day, with new friends across the world.
  5. Have a wonderful farmhouse along the beachside.

Then Ananya rethinks about her so called perfect life, she also has many wishes to fulfill but mostly she has already lived her own dreams, but this is the time she should do something for her mother, so that she can get closer to her mamma’s heart .This is the only thing she can do for her mother who had loved her unconditionally, but left her due to her illness. So Ananya has made up his mind that she quits her marriage with Nitin, maybe he loves her for her huge property.

So she needs to settle up a new life in a new way once again, and the first duty of her new life is to fulfill her mother’s wishes to make her soul happy.



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