9 years ago,

I had a dream. I actually had real plans for my future, but now everything has changed, nothing is similar to what I had in my mind few years back. 9 years ago, I wouldn’t have expected the world to come to me like this. I expected the 15 year old girl that I was, to go to college of my dreams, becoming a lawyer. Little did I know that by the age of 24, I’d further from where I want to be.

Today I met a middle aged woman, his-panic looking; she directs her attention to me, taking a seat next to me on the bench during morning work session. I take this time to check out her appearance, black hair, that’s pulled back into a short ponytail, a thick, pale green winter jacket wrapped tightly around her body, gray jogging pants that have been rolled up to her knees, and sandy brown sandals.

I stare into her eyes until the woman speaks, “I’m Juliana”. I look up and smile before saying “I’m Emma.” She leans back against the bench, not staring into my eyes, but at my face as if she’s inspecting my current mental condition.  After a few seconds, she sighs “So young”. She mumbles and I raised my eyebrow to her. “How old are you?” she asks with sudden curiosity.

   “24”, I say.

“I would kill to be 24 again. You know, there was actually a time in my life when I had everything planned out.” She begins, “I was going to get married, attend the school of my dreams and eventually die of old age. Now a day’s I’m more worried about dying of hunger of hypothermia. If I had known how things were going to be when I get older, I would have changed my plans.”  She leans back again and stares up at the clouds in the sky.

I lean back as well, looking up in the distance.”You sound like me 9 years ago.”

Today I got motivated and came to know once again, there are no such age boundaries for anyone. I’m just 24, so young, I can still begin a new journey, I can plan out again in different aspects of my life. I’m fortunate that I met Juliana, I don’t know her but she has taught me the greatest lesson of my life today.





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