Rains off a Smoky Sky- Reader’s Review

“Rains off a smoky sky” by Dr.Pritam Mandal are a beautifully described story of a life of a middle class girl. A young woman from a little village, Apurbopur, 100 kilometers from Kolkata, Anurita chooses to follow the untrodden path against the judgmental society. Being a very common village girl, Arunita did not hesitate to take up education and set up her a career and life of her own, she tried to live her own dreams. The protagonist in this story proves that each and every common girl in India has the potential to crate her own dreams with determination.

The story develops a simple lifestyle of a very simple girl Arunita. It was her father who gifted her diary on her every birthday, and she started the habit of writing diary every day. This fiction book is formed in a form of collection of diary pages of Anurita. It is very much difficult for a small town girl to move ahead, ignoring all the difficulties and taunt of the society. The life story of an independent woman who ignored all the typical social norms for her successful life, her confessions is very well portrayed in the story. And after all surprisingly the author is male. It is great change indeed!

It took a day for me to finish the novel. This book has left some amazing imprints in my mind. This is indeed a good read for every teenager because of its motivational and inspiring story.

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