EDGE17 is the annual techno management fest of Techno India  Saltlake,organized by GEEKONIX. Being the largest techfest of Kolkata and the second largest in Eastern India it consists of more than 40 events in the categories of Robotics, Coding, Gaming and many more. Its more than you expect for a technical fest and don’t miss the prize money, all these events combined have a prize of Seven Lac rupees.

It’s a three day event of consist of few mega events which are the main attraction from EDGE17. This year the EDGE night was full of entertainment, Zakir Khan and Kolkutta Comedians appeared in the evening how can the night be monotonous!

The Tagline of EDGE17 is THINK, DREAM,  LIVE.

It promises to be bigger and much better every year and how can I miss the tremendous participation of over 5000 students from over 100 colleges.

EDGE17 aims to do with an array of events like –


FLAWLESS – It’s all that you need to build the best and destroy the rest.

BIGHUNT – Only vigilant minds at work ! Debug the buggy algorithm before anybody else does.

CRYPTOQUEST – Decrypt and encrypt problem and code out its solution.

CODEOUT – An online coding event on the platform of code chef.

CODAN WARS – For coders having strategic skills in them this online map conquest event will be a cakewalk.

ROBOTICS – Manual, aqua and autonomous robotics.

CYBER CRUSADE – Counter Strikes, Fifa, Dota II, NFS, Class of Clans.


MONEY MATTERS – Events like B – Plan, B – Quiz, Addomedia.

INNOVATION – Engineering based project, Development and Appraisal event.

INFOCUS – A photography events.  19858869_1318952401554764_1309354555_n

NEURON – Debate, Quiz, Youth Parliament.

FOOD FOR FUN – Quiz, Food Relay, Case Studies.

JUST LIKE THAT – Fun events

CREATE IT – Innovative Events.







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