Book launch of An Introspective Medley

The book launch of Tanya Sengupta’s debut book “An Introspective Medley “- to explore yourself  turned to be an exciting one.

Tanya Sengupta is a poet, philanthropist and nature lover from Kolkata.  She started writing poems since she was eight.  She  loves to spend time with nature, books and music.  Some of her poems have been featured in newspapers and magazines before.


Thanks to Sufia Khatoon  for the invitation,  the credit goes to you.  I was glad for the mind blowing opportunity  to meet such a young poet like Tanya.

The book launch party was a chance to celebrate Tanya’s debut book,  and  to  bring together friends,  clients and family in one room.


The book launch event  started  with a warm welcome note from PR and Event manager  Sufia Khatoon,a poet herself, and a huge introduction of Tanya and other eminent personalities were stated by journalist Sanjukta.


Tanya’s new book  which revolves around a simple sense of life,  defines  the image of a girl,  enjoying her freedom.  The book’s cover perfectly captures  a true  sense of freedom.

The event was  followed by a panel discussion on “To explore ourselves through poetry,  an introspection of life” moderated by Dr.  Amit Sankar Saha in presence of honourable Ms.Lopamudra Banerjee (Poet, writer, translator, editor)  and Saheli Mitra (Journalist,  author, poet and Columnist) .


“An Introspective medley ” is a themed collection of 19 poems based on life,  soul  and experience,  love and friendship,  people and society.  In her debut  book Tanya has described a life full of freedom,  a life full of experience  in a simple manner which is followed by the notion of objectivity in social consequences.


The panel discussion was followed by the ultimate book launch moment and the glorious moment was delighted by the recitation of two of Tanya’s poems from the book by Lopamudra Banerjee and Saheli Mitra.

The overall event was so excited and full of new experiences.

And congratulations to Tanya for your debut book,  it is lovely and hope to experience more of your creations in near future.

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