Reader’s Review -“AN INTROSPECTIVE MEDLEY “by Tanya Sengupta

“There are certain things around us which leave us an experience  of a lifetime.”  – Tanya Sengupta

The debut poetry book “An Introspective Medley “-to explore yourself is a collection of various types of poems. The debut poetry book by Tanya Sengupta,  who is a poet, Philanthropist  and nature lover is a worth read.


Poetry analysis is a type of assignment in which you provide highly personal interpretation of a verse. Tanya’s poems are mainly based on various people and the various situations she has gone through. What flowed from her ideas  was the simple  portrait of love, life, friendship and the notion of objectivity in social consequences.


As an aside,  Tanya Sengupta’s poems have been featured in newspapers and various Magazines before,  she loves to work for the society and make this world a beautiful place for all.

The young poet has written her poetries  enormously in a helpful  way,  it’s also a good way to enter into literature of all types,  to find the context and the inner meaning of the object.


This book is a themed collection of 19 poems on life, soul and Experience, love and friendship, people and society and many more. Tanya’s knowledge of word value is as profound as her love for nature,  she has carried over the eye and method of art into the field of poetry that the fresh, simple, glamorous form she has created seem so intangible.

Thank you Tanya for the wonderful creation.  Congratulations  for  your first book.  Hope to be delighted with more of your creations in future.

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