Reader’s Review – “Let The Night Sing ” by Lopa mudra Banerjee


“Let the night sing ” – poetic musings by Lopamudra Banerjee is a collection of 70 poems  , most of them  born as lunar musings in the wee hours of the night,  the poet,  sometimes as a child woman,  sometimes as a restless sojourner,  celebrates the splinters and  shards..

Introduction :

“Bodies are visible hieroglyphics.  Everybody is an erotic metaphor and the meaning of all these metaphors is always the same,  death “- Octavio Paz

Lopamudra Banerjee is a writer, poet , translator and she is the author of “Thwarted Escape ” and  Co-editor of  “Defiant Dreams “- the best selling anthology.

This poetic  anthology consists of different melancholy of poems,  including learning to fall,  the woman unwrapped,  the man and the woman,  the voyage within,  death, ashes and the darkness.  The setting  of this  anthology has  been  put so meticulously.  The smoothing sublimity sliced through my skin .



Shadows creeping,

The fangs of the night unfold,

Faint footsteps resound,

Silvery beams of moonlight

The dark woods,

Dense canopy of trees,

The pitch black,

Skin slicing through

Silhouetted darkness.

Twinkling stars

Hissing sound,

Let the moon stay,

Let us make love.

-Lopamudra Banerjee

For me,  who is in love with the poetry of the book,  “Let the night sing ” is a worth read. Thank you Lopa Mam for gifting us a wonderful poetic anthology.






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