Ask a fellow Bengali, “What is so special about Durga puja? ” He will laugh and ask you back -“what is not so special about this puja?”
Yes, thats how we, Bengali are, welcoming Maa Durga.

During Durga Puja at Bengal The Star attractions are the different Barowari Pujas conducted by several clubs and associations.


If you want to experience everything that identifies the Bengali culture, then you need to experience Durga Pujo here.

People finish their last minute shopping because none wants to be in old clothes during the puja! And students wait for their holidays to begin!!



Nostalgia, memories, good and Durga Puja festivities are inseparable. I’m thinking on the lines of waking up one crisp, sunny Autumn morning to the intoxicating fragrance of Shiuli phool, or rolling the beds to the chants of Mahalaya. Wearing a new dress to the pujo Bari, pandal hopping like there is no tomorrow .

Kolkata, cultural hub and city of joy is abuzz with puja rush, millions of devotees are a mad rush since Panchomi cover major mega budget pujas since early morning.


The hard work, the details, the plannings that goes into building the pandals is best appreciated when you tour them, during these days of festivity. The city streets are sprawling with denizens as well as tourists. And the extravaganza stretches all night as well. And the term Dhaaki refers to the players of the traditional drum dhaak. Decorated with a stick of kash flower, the drums are melodically beaten at a rhythm by the expert dhaakis.


And adda is one aspect that involves the social elements of the celebrations, it is the light mood chat session, omnipresent in Kolkata.

Like all good things, this carnival also comes to an end. The day of Dashami signifies the end of this puja.


So this is the Durga puja, seems like a fantasy novel stories. The lights, the sound, the jovial celebrations, the cheerful crown – a conference of activities that is guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

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