Walking in the streets of North Kolkata

August 24, 1690 back in those times, Kolkata (Calcutta) got its brand new identity during the rule of East India Company.

Kolkata, a 300-years-old city is still holding the glorious image of the then ruler through its nostalgic streets,  heritages and monuments.


But readers I am here to share the thoughts of only one part of the nostalgic Kolkata – that’s Sutanuti, the  cultural hub of the then Calcutta that had residences of Zamindars, Rajas and Nawab’s loyal servants. Through this I want to have a nostalgic ride through the streets of North Kolkata,  I want them to be revisited, the flavours of sweet memories of Calcutta to be savoured once more.


North Kolkata, the best hub of art, culture, music, cuisines, heritage, philosophy, spirituality and above all it is the birthplace of Indian nationalism.  The hub which gave us remarkable freedom fighters.North Kolkata is one of the oldest areas, has the fascinating architectural houses and nostalgic lanes and by lanes, a never-ending culture and the most essential bong thing is the rock adda.


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