Reader’s review -The Broken Home and other stories -Rabindranath Tagore Translated by Lopamudra Banerjee

The Broken Home and other stories is English translation of Tagore’s Nastanirh(The Broken Home),  Dena Poana(The Dowry Death), Haimonti, Maanbhanjan(The Appeasing),  Darpaharan(The Final Surrender), A Khata (Notebook),Subha and Laboratory.

For readers who crave to understand Tagore but are unable because of the language barrier, Lopa Banerjee’s book is a must read. The fluent and vibrant translation enhances the beauty of the novels. In Nastanirh,  Charu’s character resembles an awakening Riddle of a woman.

All credit goes to Lopamudra Banerjee for succeeding in conveying the natural essence of Nastanirh.  Her perfect description of the characters,  ideal thoughts of  setting makes the book a worth read.  Since I have read the original version,  so I can clearly state that this is a perfect tribute to the creation of Tagore.

And the stories chosen are best that focuses on emotions of a woman as a friend,  wife and human being.  Lopamudra Banerjee,  the translator has done a decent job in bringing out the beauty of Tagore’s writing, the deep inner meaning still reflects in the English rendition.

When you pick English version of Tagore’s work, Lopa Banerjee’s translation of Tagore’s masterpiece it’s the deepest feeling which will linger your thoughts for long time.  I would have to read further works of translation from such amazing writer.

Here’s the link of the Amazon link of the book. Have a look.

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