Review -Soul with the Mosaic Vision


Soul with the Mosaic vision -a documentary film which features the inspiring journey of the poet Vaijayantee Bhattacharya.  The phase of her life in Kolkata during her childhood, then Delhi for her workmode and now the new life at Bahrain,  these  significant era of her wonderful journey has been described here.

Vaijayantee Bhattacharya ,who had been living in Bahrain since 2010, she was born and brought up in Calcutta and has spent 24 years of her life in her city of joy.

This documentary beautifully signifies the flashback of her life through the framing of few interviews,  the achievements for her debut book The Mosaic Vision and undoubtedly the wonderful phases of her life. This film notifies the motherhood of her inspiring life,  and it beautifies  all the glorious chapters from her life.

Here’s the link of this wonderful documentary. Have a look everyone.

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