Durga Pujo Fever..

The Durga Puja festival epitomizes the victory of Good over Evil. For Bengalis Durga puja marks the time of happy tides as the city gets ready to immerse itself in the festive revelry.  All the families immerse themselves in the five day festival of pandal hopping, food and cultural events.  For these five days, devotees of Goddess Durga offer her with variety of bhog, Prasad and puja offerings till the time she departs from heaven.


And  for Bengalis,Durga puja is the most vivid part of their lives. Annually they step into happiness during this time period, they immerse in the  enjoyment of the lavishness of the puja.  Pandal hoping is the main attraction during this carnival, the creativity of each and every pandals are eyecatchy. Having the street food, walking miles with family and friends is the happiest memories of my childhood. Being a Bengali, I have always been crazy about this Durga


Puja, shopping and preparations start months before the festival and pre planned activities are executed during these days of puja.  During the four days, the puja fever grips the heart of everyone in the city regardless of age.  In this city of Joy,  from the northern points of Baghbazar to southern pandals of Behala, the streets constantly witness waves of pandal hopping pilgrims dressed in the best possible ways they can.


However the appearance may be,  but when it comes to the tradition,  there are no exceptions. Bengal has its own tradition, that makes our Durga puja more exclusive.

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