Jingles all the way..

Jingle bell jingle bells,

Jingle all the way…


Christmas in Kolkata makes the festive mood fabulous, not just for Christians, for any people from different communities; they celebrate the enjoyment of this occasion. If anyone wants to add some exciting flavors on Christmas, Kolkata is one of the best places which get alive during this holy occasion.


Park Street is decked up in lights, it’s full of evening parties with entertainment, and it’s like a carnival in open atmosphere. The Santa caps, various Christmas decorations are attractions of the city. And the foods, pastries, cakes, muffins are the best for the carnival. And how can I miss the Christmas cakes that can be from our family recipes also.


There is something magical about Kolkata Christmas; the weather leaving Bengali’s delirious with joy. And the prime indulgence of Kolkata is none other than the British community, Park Street. The Oxford Store, the restaurants decked up with festivities, joins the celebrations.

Christmas without cakes is like puja without pandal hopping. The mouth watering cakes, walnut cakes are just a feeling!!


Churches are the best with Christmas decorations and the mid night mass in the churches are the special treat to visualize.

And Santas..

How I would wait to see this big fat red clothed man deliver my gift, but somehow I always fell asleep and missed his delivery time. The gifts are one of the best during this festival.

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