Book Launch- ‘A Book of Odes’ authored by Sri Nishi Kanta Sarkar

‘A Book of Odes’- authored by Sri Nishi Kanta Sarkar was launched at a wonderful event in the maker’s Loft, Ballygunge place. In the presence of chief guests Dr. Sanjukta Dasgupta ma’am and Anjana Basu ma’am, the ceremony of a poetry adda over a high tea was a successful one. The special performance by Akash Dasgupta made the ambience more melodious and wonderful.

‘A Book of Odes’- a replica of our society, the depiction of the cultural life which flashed upon the poet’s mind. This book is totally based on the sacred memory of the poet’s mother. On the morality, Sri Nishi Kanta Sarkar’s creation is undoubtedly a milestone in the world of poetry.


This book consists of 150 odes; each is based on the simple corners of our everyday life, desire, character, happiness, sadness and every other aspects of daily routine. The pure magical creation will surely enrich the era of poetry.

The poet Sri Nishi Kanta Sarkar is an Educationist and social worker and dedicated himself for the upbringing of education in the rural areas. He is truly a developer of Education, specially in the areas where the light of education ceased to exist. He has experienced every moments of his life and has created this beautiful book of odes from his continuous influence from William Wordsworth. On the sacred memory of his mother, he has portrayed every single ode with a proper touch of love and melody.


The book launch event in the presence of the poet himself and his family turned out to be exciting one. And our gorgeous host Sufia Khatoon is poet, painter and social worker herself. Her presence always lits the special occasion of book launch. Thank you Sufia di for the invitation, so I could witness the memorable journey of the poet and his poetry. The evening of 28th December,2017 is truly a blissful day, and the innumerable memories attached with the beautiful evening is surely to be cherished for years to come.

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