The memories of Tagore’s characters..

Being a Bengali girl, I had always grown up hearing Tagore, not just in our textbooks,in the vast body of his literature.

And what struck me the most were the female characters, they are very much different from each other and really couldn’t fit into the conventional female generation of that time.

The book Broken home and other stories translated by Lopamudra Banarjee is a fantabulous collection of eight stories, Nastanirh, Dena Paona, Hoimonti,Maan bhajan, Darpaharan, Khata, Subha and Laboratory.

Charulata:’A BROKEN NEST’

The character of Charulata married to a journalist who didn’t give enough time for her wife,  felt tied to her brother in law because of their same affection and passion towards music and poetry.But at the end of climax , even after her husband wants to offer a new afresh restart, but she chooses to stay behind.

And the other stories from Tagore’s are naturally predisposed with a new way of exploring love.The fascinating themes of the stories stay with us , and we daresay the wonderful creation of female characters will fall in nice and cosy in our bookshelves.

Apart  from all he wrote broadly on women , their struggles and suffering. Overall the aspects of women’s life- relationships and their confidence had always been an identity of womanhood.

If you want to get a glance of the stories from Tagore, specially my non Bengali friends, this translation of Tagore’s stories by author Lopamudra Banarjee is a worth read, which is her transcreation of women’s role in the society perceived by Tagore.

The traditional feminist treatment of the stories are very strong and much ahead of its time. The entire India witnessed the strong sense of creativity of Tagore’s writing. I bet you all that you will find it really interesting. To get a specific idea on Rabindranath Tagore ‘s wonderful creations, The Boeken home and other stories is a must read.




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