Reader’s Review- ‘A Book of Odes’ authored by Sri Nishi Kanta Sarkar

A book of Odes is a replica of our social, political and cultural life which flashed upon the poet’s mind and he depicted the same as they appeared before him with the best of his abilities in a picturesque manner to win over the heart of the readers.

A book of Odes is an enriching collection of poems that touches on a wealth of human experiences, from character to poverty, from happiness to friendship, from creativity to caged life everything.

Frequent rhyming and simple vocabulary are hallmarks of the poems which become repetitive in the course of the collection.

As with many poems in the collection, lines are coupled together, so that the last words rhyme. This simple scheme makes for easy reading, watering down emotional and often difficult content. While rhymes are sometimes redundant, content remains at once row and approachable.

The book’s packaging takes away from the overall aesthetic and the happiness with occasional stock photos laid over the text.

The poet Nishi Kanta Sarkar is q devoted educationist and social worker who dedicated himself for the spread of education, specially in rural areas, where the light of education ceased to exist due to the ignorance of the public thereof. He served as the principal of a renowned institution.


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