RAID – Movie Review


Stay up gripped on the edge of your seats.

After a long time, I have witnessed a worthy watch with an  action rolar coaster of Raid. This movie is dedicated to the unsung brave and honest IT officers who are the absolute wheels of our country’s Economy. The film has a convincing story line with crispy moments that attaches us and glued upon the screen from the very beginning to end.

And the powerful sequences, realistic plots are perfect experiences of thrill attached to the movie. Nevertheless the performances by Ajay Devgn and Saurabh Shukla are delight to watch, they kill each and every moment with their punching dialouges and the credit goes to the entire team obviously. The background score and the climax keeps a great impact on a person , that you can’t return back clapping.

You will not be disappointed watching the thriller, the premise is totally very strong and the well paced gripping story gives an importance on portrayal of authentic working of our department.

I was absolutely blown away by the entire film, I couldn’t help myself clapping for the success of such honorable team.

Raid, the word itself portrays a meaningful criteria for this one. Don’t miss the experience of an authentic film, absolutely a superior one, which is not to be forgotten at any cost.


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