Being 21 st..

You are not your age nor the size of your clothes, you are neither of your name nor the beautiful face you die for. You are all the books you read, all the words you speak, you are only the priceless beauty of your wonderful mind.

Being a 21 st , I have learnt quite a few things in my life.

Firstly, it comes to my identity , absolutely the strength of my identity lies in my world of happiness.

Secondly, one of the best I have learnt so far is surround yourself with those who sharpen your character. I can’t adequately express how grateful I am for the best of friends has put in my life over the years. Some friendships might have been for a season, while some endured years alongside me. When it comes to my best ones , I have absolutely found the way they have sharpened me. They know who I am but also who I have the potential to be.

Third, there’s only one person who loves me unconditionally , is my mommy. Whatever she speaks up, yes they might be touchy, but they are no doubt something worthy enough. So , love, yes first love for me is my mommy obviously. However my life turns out to be, I know there’s only this person who will help me to fight against odds to overcome my circumstances.

And , how can I forget to follow my passion, my dreams? They lead us to live with purpose. They are something I live with, they are something obsessive I get attached to.

The more I live,

The more I learn..

The more I learn..

The more I realize…

-Michel Legrand

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