Let the rain wash all the pains of everyday…

Bad weather has never betrayed my mood. Yes, the weather has impacts on daily life maybe, but for me, they are the ideal match for my perfect definition of mood. The rains are absolutely a mode of refreshment which can possibly make my boredom away. Defining a proper feel can only be modified with the singing desire of dripping rains.

Rainy day, or maybe a few drops of rains are melodious for a wonderful weekend. Deriving a prosperity and pleasant refrain to the ears are something from the aspect of sublime beauty. Magnificent atmospheric conditions may cause a pleasing asthetics, but due to the alluring melody,I sit to write down. I find myself in a cozy bed, and additions? There maybe a cup of coffee and hot chocolate. They are more than perfect. Writing comes up from a peaceful mind of charms and assets. They both actually resemble, a fascinating enrapture plays between the bonding.

Pen and paper have always been my weakness, you can call that my fragility. And a perfect mood? Rains are here to brace my thoughts, enlighten my invention and stimulate my contemption .

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