Oh My Disney!!!

The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney is a mass media entertainment at the Walt Disney studios.

Yes, it’s just a formal introduction,but truly Disney is something beyond our world. From childhood to Adulthood, someone truly can get refreshments from Disney film.


Whether it is the moment of joy or sorrow, the movies are best to be in someone’s heart.

It is really unconventional to write about Disney at this point of age, but really, is it?

I don’t think so, Disney is in our hearts, the warmest place someone can posses. The craziest, but the loveliest films made us go wow!!


The Disney, the name itself consists of a big blockbuster era, the most popular Disney house is the maker’s of Snow White, Cinderella and a bunch of new princesses like Frozen, Moana etc. If I start the list of films, it may take a long hour, but, I really want to share my thoughts of being a Disney fan, how much I adore the films and the tales.

In Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs, the jealous evil queen decided to be rid of Snow White so that she could be the fairest but the evil spell could be broken by true love’s kiss. and the fairy tale continues with a familiar note of Cinderella. The girl Cinderella, who is a dreamer and a simple girl , blessed with her beautiful parents, but who is trapped within a step family who really don’t consider herself as an adorable one. Enslaved by her evil step mother and two step sisters, Cinderella dreams of going to the royal ball and meeting the Prince once. But due to her step mother’s bitterly envious behaviour against charming Cinderella left her bound to go to the ball. With the help of her fairy Godmother, Cinderella’s dream comes true. And there’s more to the list, the Sleeping Beauty with a happier note, the beauty and the Prince , happy to learn that their betrothed and their beloved are one and the same.


The list continues with the wonderful story of Beauty and the Beast . After becoming prisoner to the beast, Belle stays in the castle with his talking household objects. After she starts to fall for the beast, Bella must protect him and her from a jealous Gaston. Yes, the film surely ended with a happier note of beauty. Finally I really want to enclose my favourite lists of Disney movies with Aladdin. Who doesn’t aware of Aladdin ? The best stories with a different note of plot are surely an eye catcher. Common thief Aladdin is canned by Jafar into stealing a lamp from the cave of Wonders, only to realize the Genie can help him win the heart of his true love Princess Jasmine. The list actually takes a long time to end, but it surely end up with Rapunzel from Tangled and Elsa from Frozen. The movies are that much wonderful, that it finds a true place and perfect one in my heart.


The movies are perfect, where true love exists with every possible finest way. Where a perfect stanza of truth and wisdom lies, where the Princesses find true love and they live happily forever thereafter. Yes, they are splendid indeed, they are simply far away from our truth of life. Does really anything possess that much perfectness in our world? I really am not bothered about our definition of every day’s perfection.

The world of Disney surely keeps you alive, makes you believe in the splendid moment but is it true? is this can be the way to much more perfectness? Can’t we get familiar with the tone of ultra happiness in our real life? Can’t we possess longer lifetime of every perfections in our era of fakes?


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