Phase: New York:

Armaan Mallik’s life.

Armaan Mallik is one and only son of USA’s industrialist Faizal Mallik. Mallik’s , the brand name is one of the wealthiest in New York. Armaan is the luckiest to get nourishment from such well educated family from his childhood, he seriously possessed a huge amount of social activity regarding his celebrity life. But Armaan  wanted to build his own success, he wanted to create his identity, he wanted to generate his self contribution to the society, selfhood is the perfect term which he has craved for.

Growing up in such cultural family Armaan  had surely developed a mature taste for life style, he has been aware of his father’s success story from zero to hero. When Armaan  reached adulthood, none of his parents forced him to choose business studies, they settled down with a high hope from their son in the best possible way. Experiencing a proper blossomed life Armaan  always wanted to culminate and evolve an interest towards the developing Nations, their lifestyles and their set of circumstances.

Studying with an Integration Literature he got a project to serve for Indian civilization. Being an Indian, Armaan always wished to visit his country once, getting a project helped him to chase his dreams.

Charanpur: Uttar Pradesh: Indu’s life:Phase I

Indu Rai, is just another ordinary village girl who grew up in an under priviledged family, who sometimes had to starve herself due to poverty. Indu who is a 17 year old understands the struggles her family is currently facing, somehow she manages to study, and she uses her family background to motivate her studies in hopes pf helping out those she loves.

She dreams of becoming a doctor, she wants to help as many people as possible. With quite a few people living in the house along with the occasional faalaveleave that eats up a lot of money, so being a witness of her cirumstances her dream is the only possible way to able to help others and provide for her family and being a doctor would allow her to do just that. She knows it’s surely not going to be an easy journey but a fighter can still make an effort to achieve that one day.

Charanpur:Uttar Pradesh: When two met: Phase II

Armaan doesn’t fit in the underprivileged village like Charanpur. After a month long project to let know about the villager’s lifestyle , he was unable to manage the weather, he was unaware of such polluted and unhealthy backgrounds. Completing one full month of stay he decided to leave the place due to his sickness. Thus the day came, when Armaan packed his bags and boarded a car to reach the station. The cold was lurking in winds making them slaves of chillness. It was almost 12.30 a.m.

The sudden incident Armaan wrote on the pages of his diary later.

“I saw young woman wearing red attire. She seems to be elegant from back. I stopped the car right beside her, as I wanted to see her face. I called her. She turned to look at me. Her face was just magnificent that I have ever seen. In her first sight , she made my heart slave with her magical charm. I smiled looking at her. She was not having much cloth on her body. She was wearing just red gown that was little torn from her shoulders.

Our conversation was strangely hesitant considering the naturalness.

“Can I help you?”  I asked with wonder to get a reply from her end.

After a mere silence she said “Can you take me to Charanpur?”

A thought suddenly engrossed my mind that I already left Charanpur , half way from it. Still at such a timing I wanted to help her.

“Okay then. “I agreed to her terms , I opened the door for her and gave a brief glance at her. She seems to be quite serious or it may be her attitude. Actually nothing matters.

” So what were you doing so late at night? “I tried to initiate the conversation.

After a short introduction I came to know her name, Indu Rai, she was a daughter of a farmer who was in the evil clutches of money lenders. Last year due to the heavy rainfall her father’s crops were destroyed and he couldn’t pay back the money.

Oh ! Gosh !! This is the position of the Indian farmers.

“What the heck Government is doing I thought.  I found that both of were quite similar in the way of thinking.”    -Armaan

Thus a beautiful love story started with the happiest note of charm and beauty. Armaan didn’t skip his project, even he continued the project for another couple of months. Frankly, Armaan was falling for her more and more for every passing second.  Despite being bored in the village it seems that he was enjoying his life to the fullest with the company of Indu. It happened so fast with a blink of an eye, that they both didn’t realize that they fell in love.

But the status didn’t match, despite of their cultural and social background Armaan stood beside Indu to help her to fulfil her dreams. Armaan married Indu on a holy day in front of the villagers to take vows and step ahead of their newly married life.

After a few days of the newly weds, Armaan finished his work and he boarded for New York with his wife to achieve their dreams together. When Armaan entered his house with Indu , his parents were more shocked than surprise to their son’s incident, they couldn’t say a word.

New York: Phase II: Newly Married Life

Armaan’s parents allowed Indu for his happiness, but they were not happy enough to make a relationship  with the newly wed Indu. So in the era of perfectness, due to the stubborn behaviour of Armaan , the four souls really find their perfect place to stay.

The Mallik’s  had already fixed a marriage with a beautiful girl from a wealthy family, who actually were a perfect match for Armaan. But Indu captured the whole heart of Armaan’s that it had no place for another person.

Thus two months have passed in the Mallik Mansion, New York. Indu was struggling every seconds of her life to manage the life in there. with Armaan’s constant support, she is recovering to be a part of her new married life, in totally new place. She barely spoke to neighbours due to her poor English. but she didn’t leave to try her best to be fit in such highly developed country.

Phase III: New work: Life shatters:

On a bright day of their one year marriage anniversary Armaan and Indu left for a road trip to enjoy the glorious day. But a sudden accident changed their life forever. In the road accident they both were injured severely, Indu was nearly to death. But in the mean time, the people out there admitted them to the hospital. They managed to rescue both, when Armaan’s parents came into the spot, they found that their son lost his memory due to the severe head injury. They were clueless how to behave and strong in front of their own son.

Indu was crying, tears were continuously pouring  down from her cheeks. Armaan couldn’t identify her own Indu , she wanot believing at all. She was feeling helpless in front of her love, she had no choice other than leaving the place forever. Armaan’s parents heaved a sigh of relief when they could finally rescue their son from Indu.

Thus years passed, when Armaan could hardly recognize his parents, they thought of starting their son’s life once again with a bunch of happiness.  The daughter of the wealthy businessman, Nisha who was previously to be get engaged with Armaan, agreed to marry him, knowing all of his circumstances.

At last, they married with a grand occasion full of industrialist, minister and renowned people from the town.

Six years have passed, Armaan’s condition got better day by day. He couldn’t finally identify his own existence. Nisha and Armaan were absolutely perfect for each other. They have celebrated their way of happiness to the fullest. They have grown a true love towards each other and is proved the best thing for Armaan’s parents.

Phase IV: New York: When true love reunite

Now few more years have passed, they have surely crossed their youth and their adulthood knocked at the doorstep. The best news of Nisha’s pregnancy just filled everyone with joyous tone of merriment. Now Armaan also recovered a lot, always trying to find out most of the incidents from his life. He has fixed an appointment for her wife’s check up, and today is the day, they both found their way to the doctor’s place.

And there she was!! Indu, yes, the most uncommon one to fit in the developed country , has made her dreams successful. Armaan was in front of her eyes, but he couldn’t recognize his love. Coming to know about a beautiful news of Nisha’s pregnancy , Indu was speechless, maybe in shock, maybe in surprise. She couldn’t utter a word without a congratulations note of fondness.

Thus it ends. A village girl Indu who has always struggled against odds, has now achieved her dreams, being a constant support to her family, she has proved to be a better daughter. Although, she couldn’t blame Armaan for any of his deeds, in fact he was the one who has been a support to her system. She is proud of where she is, she is happy about her lifestyle, about her whereabouts. She could only blame one , that is fate, yes, that has taken away everything from her world. But still she is grateful to her fate of dreams what has changed an unprivileged girl to a doctor of her dream.







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