The Deliberate Sinner- a tale of sinful redemption by Bhaavna Arora

A masterpiece by Bhaavna Arora is a story of sensation and sinful redemption. The new generation writer has poured her heart out in favour of women empowerment and the gender equality in the society. Feminism, the word is very common in today’s world, everyone is discussing about women’s liberation and their rights against the odd visualisations of society. A wide ranging philosophy of advocating equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities for women is absolutely for the mind focusing.

Here, in the story of a free spirited girl Rihana who always chose life at her own conditions, was lucky enough to deal with decisions. She was one of the coolest , until she marries Veer, an eligible bachelor from a wealthy family. The newly weds resemble a perfect term of happily married  but Veer was unable to deal with Rihana’s feeling , her own terms and conditions. Marrying a younger girl, depriving her from the enjoyments of life was Veer’s ultimate goal. Caught between the devils and the world full of trust and sorrow. Rihana probably became a victim of society’s sarcasm. Society which has always preferred men’s side, has it ever thought of their challenging persona? Has it ever commemorate someone to visit a victims mind of thoughts?

Being a sufferer, Rihana has always craved for a little happiness and a little bonding of pure love an affection. Veer’s negligence has made her so deliberate and desperate. The climax of the story is something sober, filled with words of freedom, helping just only herself. I loved the book, though the content of feminism is quite common term , but also Bhaavna Arora has redefined the words of women empowerment through her desperate piece of writing.



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