Reader’s Review- Will You Still Love Me? by Ravinder Singh

The book “Will You Still Love Me?” is a magical combination and a perfect blend of beauty, romance, sarcasm and a wonderful message for the readers. Having read all of Ravinder Singh’s novels , according to me, this one is surely be his masterpiece. I have rarely read a novel with social messages. But this story of pure love and bonding has created a magic over my head, the climax has been stated as strongly that my tears rolled down my eyes.

This is a magnificent story of a Punjabi boy and North-eastern girl, who met in an aeroplane. Their love  started by a confusion on exchanged luggage. When they met, the opposite character of Rajveer and Lavanya attracted, their story with usual issues was quite satisfactory. I really enjoyed reading the romantic bond they shared. I enjoyed not just because it’s socially relevant in many aspects, the love story carries a heart-warming message for every care free person across the world.

There’s nothing new with the love relationship grew between them, but the author ended the story with a tone of dejected circumstances, it melted my heart, and unexpected climax has broken me into pieces of mournful thoughts.

The best part of this novel is the wonderful description of the sublime beauty of the hills in North-East. The way the love birds enjoyed the majestic serene atmosphere with each other was one of the leading sources of satisfaction. Ravinder Singh poured his heart out for a surpassing charm to add to his words . The life of lavanya is absolutely a misfortune. From the childhood days to growing up phase, the painful incident of murder of her parents in front of her eyes has haunted her like everything. And then comes the happier phase of her life, with a superlative Engineering degree from IIT and get placed in GOOGLE. She skipped her dream job for betterment of India’s economy, social cause was in her bloods. She started teaching in the slums for a better future of the poor children. But the accident took away her happiness.

Being a reckless , Rajveer’s car hit the little slum child Chutki along with Lavanya. When they were on cloud nine, they were supposed to fix a date for marriage with their family’s support, all of a sudden this crucial incident took place. Chutki died on spot and Lavanya suffered for three day sat ICU and struggled every moment to survive, hope for a better life. She lost her right limb, and due to a severe injury in her spinal chord she wasn’t able to raise her body up. Rajveer was suffering from mental illness, he was drenched in his pool of guilts and couldn’t supress his feelings to Lavanya. But then also Rajveer and his family stood along with the girl and Rajveer was quite desperate to marry her love. At the climax, when Rajveer  wanted to confess his guilt to his love, he came to know that Lavanya already knew the whole thing.

The last few lines were the emotional and sensible, I was all in tears along with the characters, where lavanya was struggling to put her love behind the bars, but she tried to punish him by learning a lesson and do something to save as many of them fro doing this to millions of Chutki’s and Lavanya’s.

The ending words..

“I ….. I will”, he tries hard and says, “But will you … will you still…love me?”, he asks with his folded hands.

“I will”, she says.

These words express everything.






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