Reader’s Review- A Murder in Gurgaon By Manish Dubey

A thriller fiction is always interesting and when it comes to a crime sequence, it gets more and more fascinating. The author Manish Dubey is a policy analyst with time for politics, cricket, sitcoms and PTA work. This one is his first work of fiction. Being a debut writer, this piece of story is something refreshing and curiosity sticks with every words of the pages.

The arresting and captivating story glues my mind to the grip. The suspension of the described story with a cast of morally ambivalent characters was more appealing. Being thrilled with an unconventional plot of blackmail of such a non-existing character is something enhancing to the addition. The way of creating a new character and keeping the circumstances entertaining is what the author has impressively stroked.

A murder of a young event manager, an ex-cop’s son turned out to be really interesting one which can hook you upto the end of the climax scene. Enthralled and erupted by the previous life of victim and the murderer, it was quite mindfully described.

Hanging on every word, the story is more than conscientious. Bindia Sehgal, the murderer was quite smart and paid all attention to hide the proves. So after reading the whole story, I can tell you one thing, thus is something beyond wonder, something beyond captivated. Yes, this thriller will be always in my mind to create conspiracy.



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