Dream meet with my favourite author -Ravinder Singh

I have been widely fortunate over the years to have met some of my favourite authors. And yesterday I got my one more wish fulfilled. Yes, he is none other than Ravinder Singh, the star of the evening. I had became his fan during his early days of writing “I too had a Love Story”. Yes, it’s been ten years and still I fall for him every time he publishes a new book, I still posses that excitement to finish his stories first. His stories of pure love and emotions had made me feel for him every time.


And when I came to know that he was coming to Kolkata Literature Festival this year, I couldn’t miss the chance of meeting him in person. And, being a fan girl, it was always in my wish-list to get all of his books signed by himself, and this dream came true during the brief meet at the book-fair.


But all I wanted to know him more, interact with my favourite author and signed copies of his latest releases. Few days back when I was going through his Instagram handle, I came to know about yesterday’s book launch of “Will you still love me?” I was enlightened once again and I jumped out of joy to meet him. Despite of having exams, I couldn’t help myself from attending the session. And wow!!! meeting him in person was a thrilling sensation. What was the session about? the memories he embedded, cherished for years, narrated once more to share his views on his new book. The interactions with his Kolkata fans was about true love, sometimes on the way of delivering social messages through his write-ups and sometimes,it crossed the limit of fun. But after all it was worth-remembering. I find myself lucky to be a part of the magnificent evening with Ravinder. Thank you once again for writing such stories of pure love with full of sensations which gets hitched to our mind till the end.


As an aspiring writer, I have always hoped to be a wonderful storyteller like him.


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