Stop looking for the magic, You are it.

Yes, the words are absolute worthy to believe in. I love thinking that there is magic in this world, because our world of dreams truly lie in between everything magical. Magic is invisible, everyone says so, but I think magic is a result produced from a world class state of mind. Imagining things through the chaos of our society leads us to an effective matter of fact.

I always think of magic that defys explanation. Something that if you ask “Why and how is this real? Why does this work?” My only answer will be “Why not?”

According to me, every wonderful beauty in our natural world is magic. Because when we get attached totally with our boring life, a special minute can be the ultimate changer in such prominent time. Significance of magic and magical world just not only belongs to Disney films, each and every instant becomes significant due to the loyalty we bear. glittering with these phenomenal magical illusion we become happier, more than everything.

So who thinks? just the Harry Potter films carry and live with the magics and wizardry? I think not the same as our society does, people have their own mind set.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”                                                                                                                                           -W.B.Yeats

But imagining a better world outside our society, assuming a healthy sphere other than our brutality and envisioning superior community with a proper culture and civilization, is this blame-worthy? That’s the magic, having a world full of humanity is what a sharp magic is.


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