Birthday is more than balloons – Involving the kids to be a part of the Birthday décor preparation

Who doesn’t like birthday parties? Parties are one of the best way to witness celebration and entertainment. Birthday parties are most welcoming and its not just only for fun, it attributes a wide range of motivating experiences to the kids. So, birthday is not only for someone’s wish to get fulfilled, it also specifies and eventually help the kids to learn values and ethics in life. And when we are planning to have a proper birthday bash, why not to involve kids? They are absolutely the best part of something innovative and creative.

Involving the kid to enhance the periphery of imagination:

To extend the boundary of imagination and the periphery of creativity, the kids must be involved in preparations for the return gifts, small packets gifted to the invited kids… this helps the kid to make his own decision and reflects his choice too. After all, birthdays are more than just a cluster of fancy pink or blue balloons, beyond glittery decorations and is definitely more than a pompous party thrown by the kid’s parents.

  1. Leave your imprint: Let your child be the soul of decoration theme. Allow him to show his creative potential by drawing and sketching the party venue. You can arrange a big white board and can ask your child to leave his hand imprints and other creative sketches to make the venue live with the colours of innocence, all around.
  2. Blow up the balloons: The energy level of a child is always on its peak. Utilize his energetic enthusiasm by asking him to take an active part in blowing up the balloons. You can help them and can ask them to blow the air with a wish in every balloon. This will let the child to perform excellent in this event.
  3. Making a wonderful invitation card: There is always a special value of handmade things as compare to readymade. Ask your child to imbibe creativity and sketch a beautiful invitation card for the invitees. The innocence imbibes with creative ideas from young minds, will definitely work as a catalyst in making the party, a hit!

Potentiality of Taking a Decision

If you let the kid choose the theme for a birthday party, chances are that he or she will have numerous idea regarding this party planning. As a parent, your job here is to simply help the kid pick one theme only. This way the kid will learn how to take a firm decision as well and not feel confused. Once the theme is chosen, ask about what the décor would be to match the theme. This kind of involvement can help in nurturing his soft mind as well as increasing their self-belief. By taking part in the decoration and preparation for a birthday party, kids can learn how to work in a group, how to help others in need, how to be more responsible, and of course the joy of sharing.

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