Kolkata, the name itself carries something so significant which has a particular essence and relevance to attract people. Renowned as the ‘City Of Joy’ Kolkata has no dearth of the remnants from the time of British Raj that were all about the culture of its city. Known for its people, food, music, heritage and literature, Kolkata is a perfect place to embrace sophistication of intellectual civilization. Kolkata, the fascinating city with its superior taste of refinement is not such boring one. There’s many things to discover in the lap of Kolkata, and trust me, you will not find another place throughout the world with ‘roshogullas’ and polished traditions sand cheerful delightment.



Being a Bengali girl, born and brought up in the corners of such stunning city, I feel privileged to witness the astonishing beauty of my Kolkata.

If someone asks me “Why Kolkata is so special?”, my one and only answer will be, “Why not?”


Its the best city with a charm, it stands proudly as one of the most loved city in India, exploring every bits and corners of Kolkata takes me to the nostalgic era of times. Romancing with the city itself, it never looses its charm, it never gives negativities throughout. The incredible journey the place offers you through its hundreds and hundreds years of glory.



Walking down the memory lane,  the tangy smell of phucka, undeniable charm of its old buildings, its tram lines, architecture from British era, ‘adda’ among the local people , they are absolutely special, worthy enough to be proud of a whole city.


Kolkata is vibrant, uplifting and probably the friendliest city in the subcontinent, being known for its soulful nature, it offers you some extraordinary recollections. Remembrance of a life full of joy and happiness is a blissful criteria.

I’m enlightened to be a part of such city of Tagore’s , Satyajit Ray’s and Mallicks and the list goes on. And being a Bengali girl, I have also admired the essence of the enhancing taste of Bangla. Being a part of such status with nobels and Oscars I find myself proud.


Pleasing with heart warming satisfaction makes me a true Bengali. So walking down the lanes of my city, thrilled with notable significances of my place and overjoyed with the heritage pf Kolkata, I’m mostly satisfied, I’m mostly cheered up, I’m mostly memorable.

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