How to make up for a Party

Getting ready for a fancy party isn’t just about the dress and hair — your makeup is one of the key components to achieving your fancy look. Applying makeup for a fancy party is much like applying every day makeup, except you can go bolder on the colours and more dramatic. You’ll also want to do extra prep on your face so that your makeup lasts throughout the event.

Prom makeup: Ideas:

Getting the perfect prom beauty look is just as important as picking the dress. Getting ready for prom night is rarely quick, especially if you want the perfect prom makeup to go with your dress and hair.

Whether you choose the smoky eye look, using two or three shades of eye shadow that need to be blended well, or a simpler look with dark-rimmed eyes, make sure you don’t use too much blush on your cheeks: just enough to highlight them is the best option.

Touch ups can become a very important part of makeup for prom, even if you’re using all the right products. Make sure your quick prom makeup kit in your purse includes blotting papers, gloss or lipstick, a small tube of hairspray and even powder in case you need a bigger touch up, right before having your picture taken.


Quick Party makeup: ideas:

Besides the clothes that you wear, you should remember that accessories and makeup are also important. When it comes to a quick get away of party makeup, you can surely start with bringing out your eyes.

You can enhance these by using a liquid liner followed by a black pencil. The next step of the makeup should be followed by the lips. You should start with preparing your lips with a balm and then apply your favourite lipstick  in order to obtain a softer effect. With applying a soft eye shadow, a black mascara and a little blush on the right places, you can easily complete your makeup quickly and efficiently.

Simple Party Season: Makeup and ideas: 

Whether you crave for a statement or simply a change in your beauty routine, these simple party season makeup tips help you choose the most flattering shades and tools for a gorgeous look.

Plump your lips without having to use a bright shade. Turn your nude lips into statement accessories with the help of an eyebrow pencil instead of a lipliner.

Ladies often tend to apply mascara only on the ends of the lashes. However, it is a must to start the application from the roots in order to create a neat and perfectly defined effect. The section near the eye should be equally accentuated and tinted.

The party season encourages you to wear the hottest makeup designs. If you’re lusting after some drama, use the bold eye makeup trick.


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