So many books, so little time..

Books, yes they are my favourite topic to write on, being a bookworm, I never get bored when I have room full of books to discover. Love for my books enhanced during my school days. Born and brought up in a Bengali family with refined culture and polished community, I’m delighted enough for my destiny.

Writing has never been in my journey, I was always biased with my studies, I was always hoping to plan a better future for me and my family, who has continuously assisted me to live my dreams.

When it comes to my reading sense, I was never fond of reading books since childhood, due to the hassles of school I flipped through some old pages of Bankimchandra, but when I realised enough that the struggling words couldn’t help my vocabulary to accept, I willingly changed my adore for English novels. That’s where my journey begins. the first story I read when I was in school days, The Black Beauty, David Copperfield, Gulliver’s Travels repeatedly and habitually engulfed my addition.

When I was in class eight, I was extremely fortunate to get a book gifted by my brother, the book by Ravinder Singh, “I too had a love story”. That’s the time, when I fell in love with books, this time permanently and eternally.

The fondness and endearment towards the pages of a book kindly immersed into my mindset.

And what else, I started to read, I started to submerge into the world of novels, into the sphere of literature, mostly English one. I was overwhelmed to deluge into the globe of creations of Sidney Sheldon, Agatha Christie, Paulo Coelho and lastly Nicholas Sparks.

Now, when I have a wardrobe full of books, varieties published by different authors, I adore the feeling to be bookworm, I love being intellectual. The feeling of having a mind full of stories is the best superior presentiment I bear.

All credit goes to the writers, whether Indian or International, I enjoy reading their masterpieces. I have no comments on whether it may a thriller or romantic piece, whether it be a crime thrill or a philosophical creation. I love being attached to the emotions of all the stories at a same time. I love to fall in love with the protagonists in the books, when I come to know that none exists in real world, I feel broken, I feel disheartened.

Still I want to get captivated by their achievements, I want to get fascinated by their magnum opus, I want to get enlighten with their invention.And becoming a writer, it’s absolutely accidental. I write because I want to form a shape of my mind through my writeups.

I demand to organize a better world with my sense of writing. Whenever I think of something, maybe clueless and rubbish, I pen it down, just not for the readers, I write for me, I write to entertain the self, I write to enlighten my mood.

So now, my motivation is to be an author soon, publishing my works will give me ultimate satisfaction. Having pages formed from my manuscripts, I’ll be delighted enough to make my mom proud, who has continuously been a support system to encourage me throughout my journey.


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