Proud to be a Bengali..

Being a Bengali, its very tough to chalk out a single best thing about Bengali. The culture of Bengal encompasses the region of Tagores and Rays.

Growing up as Bengali, was for me like a series of expectations, a grand culture of classical  artists, knowledge of epic fantasies like Mahabharata and what else? Its Durga Pujo.

There’s plenty awesome happenings of being a Bengali, firstly the language, Bangla which is considered to be the sweetest among all, a proud moment for all the Bengali just lies between this considerable moment of dreams.

Then it comes to food and ADDA. Yes, born and brought up in a Bengali family, I have always been fond of foods, we have so many combinations of food, different for particular weather arrives with a familiar tone of Khichuri and Ilish bhaja, perfect for a rainy day and another winter is complete without pithepuli at our place.

Being Bengali, we are totally familiar with “baro mashe tero parbon”,  yes, plenty of pujas, several rituals and at last Durga Puja, everything is so special about being Bengali. Brought up in a family with enhanced and polished culture, I have a mastermind privilege of knowing Tagore’s poems, stories, songs and watching films of Satyajit Ray’s and Ritwik Ghotok is absolutely a glorified moment for me.

And what about having notable places of Bengal? Whether it be Victoria Memorial or Cathedral, whether Eden Gardens or Howrah Bridge, each of them carries a creation of historical significance, they preserve the work of mostly elegant person from the pages of history.

The region with historical melting point, blending indigenous traditions with cosmopolitan influences has a superior empire to be considered as richest part of the subcontinent. And the nostalgic mentality of every Bengali is surely enhanced by the beauty of this city, Kolkata, the city of joy.

Yes, another word we can’t really miss in the brand of sports, that is DADA. Our cricket is quite synonyms with Sourav Ganguly we are much more reliable with his superior skills and you can’t really find any bong who is not a fan of DADA.

There’s more, Bong people are so damn cultured, a perfect people to embrace their significant culture of intellectual civilization. While we glory ourselves with our skills, we sometimes unknowingly give a ton of shades to a whole lot a people in the world.

Bengalis have an acumen for everything politics. When a bunch of Bongs sit around with cha, its inevitable that adda would veer towards an adrenaline fuelled debate about politics and ideologies of this Nation.

There’s a list never-ending to add in the content of being a Bengali. Enhancing my culture for twenty one years and still hoping to enhance the power of a Bengali till the decades. I’ll absolutely be proud to carry this glorious journey of being a Bengali.

I’ll be always happy flaunting  my polished traditions attached to the city of joy, I’ll be continuously delighted with our finest refinement of magnificent perception in the way to delicacy and proficiency.


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