Just a drop of Rain..

Just a drop of crystal clear water appeared on my fragile skin, I smiled to myself. To feel the enjoyment, I want to experience each drop, together or apart, same or different. I want to witness the droplets of rains soaking through my eyelashes before they ground on my tears. In this chaotic world, I need to go into the wilds, just like my mind and soul.

Drenching in the happy hours of rains, racing with the droplets poured, I genuinely found my escape way to run into the era of dreams. The smell of wet Earth rising into the air and crackling sound of thunderstorm can absolutely beautify the presence of love.

After a boring summer, when I heard the swishing sound of the wind, and the rhythmic pat pat of falling water, I could readily find the magic of slight despondency. Longing to feel such divine reassurance, I could not ask for a better magic to recreate the sublime beauty.

Rains always build its own enormous, charming castles, some castles have their own memory of roller-coaster, I sometimes go through the hidden memories of splash or little live drops. And maybe, it creates some unreachable moments, some unwanted past histories and yes, some turns up to be mono-happening pasts.

Any wonder- feelings of this rain? Yes, we don’t actually bother about the breathing warmth of the season. The round of unrelenting rain had always been dragging us on for nearly few days, yet they are letting up our mood, specially my emotion enlightens with every drops of rain. Tendency towards the response of raining is something so  desperate ending. Defining rains of affection, describing togetherness of feelings and good wills had always made me memorable with love of reality and perfection.

Best moments created with the rains, best beauties defined with each droplets, best qualities commenced with the sounds of rains, yes, they are worthy and nothing is perfect than a magnificent beauty of a rainy day with difference and meaningfulness.


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