Being myself is what got me to where I am.- Jeff Hardy

Whenever someone asks me to choose between parties and sleepover, I am always crystal clear about my choice of specific class, that goes to a long sleepover in my bed, beside the window of hope with a favourite book in my hand.

I truly believe in being myself, no matter what people around me treats, no matter what they really want to see me in near future. There isn’t any specific day to learn about myself, I have been into these activities from my very childhood days, and I succeeded in believing myself with the trust in my eyes.

Yes, some may find my lifestyle boring, no enjoyment, no parties, not much friends, no chats with social account holders, yup they maybe special for someone around me. But, according to me, a life with family, a life with bestie, a life with creativity is something worthy than the fullest enjoyment of someone’s moments.

A proper life, for me is like few write-ups a day, brushing old paints from the corner, watch a thriller with mom, and sometimes binge watch the series of love and relationship. My ultimate goal is to be myself, not just to enjoy a flawless life with friends, not just to appreciate a pleasure of romantic affairs.

Yes, I may be boring, leading life with lack of grace, but I am still happy, enhancing my mood with a quality time with family, being a princess to my own kingdom, I am better into creating my own identity without finding a perfect prince to steal my world of dreams.

I’m recreating my individuality and maintaining uniqueness possessed over my brain, I’m still hoping to make my own world with my originality and I’m quite optimistic of designing a sphere of fantasy. I am holding my creativity attached to studies, just to make myself able to establish my dream opportunity coming in my way.


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