Being a Dreamer..

Yes, I spend half of my time imagining all the things I would love to do. I’ve had millions of stars in my eyes since childhood and my dreams of aspiration never died due to my originality.

If someone asks me, “Why dreams?”, my answer will be “Why not?” Something enhances my quality of thinking, fantasizing hopes with purpose and readily sets up my mood with delight.

Dreaming and living in a world of fantasy is a grand way to enjoy the crazy moments of life. Every moment is as much precious as my hopes of becoming a dreamer.

Priority towards merriment and enhancing the excellence around happiness, I feel content with  glee. With an intention to fulfil my imagination, I feel delighted to dream every seconds of my life. Aspiration and my ambition never betrayed me from becoming a day dreamer. I would love to visualize those moments of desire, in my open eyes, I feel enlighten, I feel satisfied.

Though my daily life of boring routine engulfs me, still being fortunate enough, I feel lucky and favourable to be able to create my own path with gratitude and blessed with beauty of thinking . Wrapped in happiness, I never felt down-hearted, I never had tears in my eyes. I am proud to be a dreamer, who surely contain a potential to make the dreams true. I’m elated to be who I absolutely am, how rude or how different maybe, I am always blessed to have a life like this. A life of fantasy, a content phase of ideologies, I have always been hopeful to perform my world of dreams so true. Being a definite idealist, it may be impractical or unrealistic to many of those, but I am happy in my sphere of imagination and speculation.

“Dreams is not what you see in sleep,

is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep.”

-A.P.J Abdul Kalam

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