Happy Birthday Potter

Happy Birthday Harry, the boy who lived, you offered us numerous childhood fantasies and still in the world of injustice and inhumanity, thanks for making us believe that the magic of humanity still exists.

Dear Harry,

Since the day I saw you for the first time, my world has turned magical.

I wish I had a time turner so that I could go back on the day when you first cast your spell on me.

Falling in love with you gives me the joy of receiving my Hogwarts letter.

I would like to spend my entire life with you brewing a cauldron full of hot strong love.

Yours love,



From the era of ’97, I was born, I surely possessed a special connect with HP series, as the very first part released on my birth date. And slaying since then, my first and one and only love grew for Harry Potter, and the affection still exists as the same I had 10 years back. Potter is someone, I  know better than myself, he is someone, I love to the stars and I am always affectionate to the name itself, with fondness and tenderness.

Whether it be Godricks Hollow or be astronomy tower, I am always here to assist you through out the adventures and excitement. Witnessing your heroic stunts with super effective charm and appearance, I am surely lucky enough to be your fan, capturing your crusade and quest to attend astonishing miracles, I am happier and blessed.

Whether it be a potion class, or favouring the patronous,  I am elated with the name only. The name Harry Potter is someone who lived, the boy who fought Voldemort alone. Everything related to Potter name is something special. The series created by J.K. Rowling about the wizard boy and his mortal enemy has had an unquestionable huge cultural impact across the globe. The quidditch or the broomsticks or the golden snitch, whenever everyone says its impractical, I have one answer for them, its more practical than reality. I love all the specialities to the stars , I believe in all of them, the magic or the excitement every book tells us, I am totally in love with the character Harry Potter.

So when its the birthday of the creator and the character itself, how can I forget to write a few words about them?

Happy birthday J.K.Rowling and thank you for gifting such stories from the world of fantasies and making us believe in the world of witchcraft and wizardry.


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