Local Art of Kumartuli

Ask a fellow Bengali, “What is so special about Durga Puja?” He will laugh out and would obviously ask you back- “What is not special about this puja?” Yes, its surely the best, we, Bengali are welcoming Maa Durga with excitement and nostalgic memories to commence once again.

And when the Durga puja is few months away, how can I miss the name of Kumartuli, which is associated with the authentic art of idol making and sculpturing. The area in North Kolkata, nearest to Ganges is possibly the purest traditional hub of Bengali culture. Inheriting the artistic ‘Kumor’, this term potter basically defines the work of making clay items. Taking the art of making god and goddess, and reframing the crafts of artistry, the artists from Kumartuli are pure gem, gifted with aesthetic and attractive originality, the clay models come alive with delight.


Being in the periphery of the actual heart of Kolkata, Kumartuli is specifically the best place to make and sell clay idols worldwide. Throughout the whole year, one can surely spot how craftsmen mould the clay of Ganges on bamboo structures to frame models and idols. And not just only for Durga idols, this place is the cultural hub to maintain the consistency of “Baro mashe tero parbon” with quite delicacy.


Walking through the narrow lanes of Kumartuli, a nostalgia feel gathers up with a fine taste of delightment of glory. Tucked inside North Kolkata, this place with combination of lanes and by lanes offers a magnificent era where the artist’s hands mould clays to build the shape of divine. After the hassles of probably three months and more, we can finally witness our favourite Ma Durga, standing with her slaying pose to destroy the evil power of Mahishasura.

Basically, being a Bengali girl, living in the heart of North Kolkata, whenever I visit the artistic hubs, maybe its not the same as polished galleries, but I definitely experience something better refinement with sophisticated taste of art.


Turing simple clays into divine shapes, it’s obviously their creativity to turn clay into gold. Colouring and fashioning the entire idols by hand, its surprise of their imagination and innovation and with an ingenuity in their bloods, they are still managing to be the best throughout the world of idol making. Getting praise from the state as well as abroad, its truly their expressiveness which is an absolute inspiration for us.


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