Street food at North Kolkata

Kolkata, one of the most cultural capital of India, is surely a heaven for foodies and mainly for the Bengali people with sweet tooth. Adding an extra spice to the food lovers, North Kolkata is definitely the hub for spicy as well as sweet dishes, which provides the pleasure of mouth watering flavours to enhance the mood at once.

Being the heart of Kolkata, North Kolkata streets are much known for the best street foods in the city. If there’s some place in Calcutta where every phuchkawallah makes phuchka to die for, that obviously be the lanes of this North Kolkata. Not just phuchkas, papri chat, spicy and tangy churmur are absolute delicacy, that is too hard to resist for us. When in Kolkata, the street foods are the most divine and must try recipes.

Enjoying Kolkata’s street food, is one of the best things around this city. In the hassles of foot traffic and a constant busy street of this city of joy, there’s nothing better to have a bite of street delightment with grace and love for hunger. Whether it be jhal muri, the most loved street food in the city or it be a bhel puri, they are equally loved by us. In the streets of North Kolkata to the Ganges, one more efficient piece of dining is roll, it is one of the most famous in the history of street food, stuffed with chicken or mutton or according to customer’s choice, it is basically a paratha. And when you are in the oldest streets of North Kolkata, there are surely various options to fulfil your hunger with minimum budget also.

Along with the delicious and favourite food items, how can I miss the precedence of “chai”? The very omnipresent and oldest culture of Kolkata is having adda with local people on the rocks of houses and obviously with a company of a cup of delish tea.

To witness Kolkata from different perspective, this is the best hub for foodies in India. There are several street foods, which offers extraordinary dishes to enhance your taste.

Kolkata is very synonymous with its food taste with a signature of refinement. Besides the galore of spicy and tangy dishes, this city offers you simplest meals homemade also. And when it comes to street food, North Kolkata probably provides you a variety of stalls and serves the most amazing food in this nostalgic city of joy.


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