Reader’s Review- Woman and her muse: Poetry and Memoir by Lopamudra Banerjee

Woman and her Muse: Poetry and memoir is a collection of poetries from the poet’s memories in the streets of her city of joy. The book is must read for all poetry lovers, and this playful poetry collection- amusing and sometimes inspiring brings a glory of my Pioneer city, it inevitably covers the Indian Film era and more over it deserves the best recognition for an aesthetic and authentic representation on Durga Series. The poet Lopamudra Banerjee portrayed her certain impressions on intellectual acrobatics and sometimes she glorified the quality time with herself as an artist, as a woman. Delight over beauties and remarkable muses of her creation has surely made me a true fan of her. After the five weird musings related to human life, the amusing and roaring words soulfully depicted around the language of love, genuinely gifted the voice of woman in the society. Imagining the woman melancholy, spontaneously applying the invention from the day of her memorable childhood, she has beautifully added the special specimens to her piece of writing. Arrangement of proper emphasis of lifestyle, films and human culture is truly an inspiration for young writers.

The brief description of the  poetries gathers light hearted poems with a specific tone of honour from Lopamudra Banerjee. Early on, the poems focus their intention inward, and sudden change with the recollection of memories through her dreams has been a part of this book. A rollicking spirit of their concerned life, loneliness and human condition has been a plot through out the cozy pages.

Kolkata, Tillottama, the name of this beautiful city is also a part of these musings. The poems regarding the poet’s own city , whether it be a nostalgic ganga ghat or be the ancestral  bari of Jorasanko or the sailing boats on ganges in the last ray of sun, all the refinements have been part of Lopa di’s journey all the way down the memory lane.

The book is filled with wordplay, basically sensing the voice of reason, tranquility and the originality throughout. All manner of works- anthologies with inspirations from different women across the world, has been beautified with each words she inked through her voice of passion.

The memoir attempts to explore the heart and mind of modern Indian woman, Lopamudra Banerjee has wished to express herself in front of family and society. The flavour of each muse is different, the poet has experimented with narrative style in the prose version including the humour and identity of hope and joy. The mindset of changing ideologies across the world is once more redefined through her odes and muses.

While the feminine muse has been a source of inspiration,  whether it be the character of “Charulata” from Nastanirh or “Aparna” from Apur Sansar, they are the primary perspective to create works as passive subjects with more object of beauty. The book of memoir is perfect combination of “Bon-Voyage” to the masterpiece of woman diva to the Goddess and the warrior. Musing of cinematography has also been a flourishing segment of the poetry fragments. A tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema has truly been illustrated with the love of Apu and Aparna, represented with the unblemished spirit of teenage Durga or painted with the mad lover’s refrain in artistic manner.

Lopamudra Banerjee, who is an author, poet, editor and translator based in Taxas, U.S has written her memoir “Thwarted Escape” and launched her debut poetry collective “Let the night Sing” one year back. Her creativity received honorary mentions in Los Angeles Book Festival and she had been nominated for her wonder piece of novels and poetries for several times. Now, she has been ready to unfold her memoir once again with musings from her deliberate thoughts and she sketched a true note of nostalgia from her motherland to leave a legacy for her daughters who would be proud to witness their mother’s fabrication with literature and polished refinement. According to me, I haven’t read a book like this for years, the content, the descriptions, the raised question against feminism is honestly my inspiration for the years to come. I have cherished  the vibrant, touching subjects like Tagores, Kolkata and Durga ma, with all my aspect to get inspired by the poet herself , Lopamudra Banerjee.


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