Being an Artist

The truly wonderful thing about being a painter, writer is escaping the self! I paint for myself, I paint to express my mindset, I paint to touch the light of paper and watch the canvas explode. People quite often asks artists where they get their ideas from, my answer is wondering through dark deep tunnel, perplexing through the happy hours, I get my ideologies full of guessing wonders with flourishing words of hope.


“Wonderful!” ,that’s the exclamation I give whenever I finish up my creation, whether it be that efficient or not, I get a mental satisfaction following flight of steps, few words of beckoning spirits.Being a painter, a creator, it’s the originality I have to retain from my bloods, leaving a legacy of wonder moments, I have always allowed my hopes and magnificent tales to come along with dreamy ray of imagination.

Penning down my inspirations on canvas and challenging objectives to motivate my artistry is the best thing ever I can imagine over the past.
Giving the best from myself, donating myself on a piece of paper, creating something from the most beautiful corner of my ideas are true gifts from God. One and only passion, that is generated long back in the childhood, is still my best piece of dreams.


Whenever I feel low or high, I collect my things which help me to create self originality through the canvas of clouds. The best feeling comes to my apprehension, whenever I try to pull brushes full of colours on the paper from the judgement I make. From the age of three, I have been coloring my dreams with true charisma and still developing as an artist any way I wish. My life of devotion to the arts culture, setting this as a high priority is all a wonderful experience.

Interests and talents, both successfully combined in my artistry achievements with overwhelming majority. There is always a moment in talented person’s life , when she become enamored of a particular art, a testing of her originality becomes her power of artistic life with familiar manner.

Trying out the willingness to devote more energy to the art of developing is impressive. The desire to succeed and the confidence to reach goals is my terms of deeming feel. I want to succeed one day with ambitions, skills, progress and success. Stronger feelings towards the art is increasing day by day. Self instruction is the most important factor in reaching high level skills with greater importance to talent.

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