Happy Birthday Mystery Queen- Agatha Christie

Wishing this extraordinary woman a wonderful 128th birthday, who left us a legacy of novels and iconic characters. What Christie gave the mystery genre was a foundation of plots and stories, twists and turns with magnificent portray of thrilling significance. During her time, Christie was the World’s best- selling author with her wanderlust novel ideologies and still after her presence, she’s still running the world with her wealthy and privileged sense of humour through the pages of her books.

You gave your readers a wonderful inheritance we are still using to glorify self. I have read her book over the years, over the decades now, the thrilling sensation it provides is surely encapsulating. ‘The murder on the Orient express’, ‘ Appointment with death’ or ‘ The murder of Roger Ackroyd’ they are piece of enlightenment to me.

Mystery, enigma and thrill each story portrays, are something marvelous. Being a book lover, I really can’t miss the opportunity to wish your soul, to write about you on your birthday.
Happy birthday Agatha Christie.
Being a classic mystery fan, I’m delighted to witness the style of writing with familiar tone of thrilling experience. Thousands of books, thousands of stories, thousands of electrifying ideologies, everything makes you perfect. I’m proud to be your fan from the dreamy world of fantasy.

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