Mahalaya – Bajlo tomar alor benu…

Eight decades on, Bengali’s still continue to tune into the authentic voice of ‘Birendra Krishna Bhadra’. Mahishasura Mardini, will emanate from every Bengali house across the country on the holy occasion of Mahalaya. Drenched in early morning wows, sun rises with the sonorous voice of Bhadra with a heart-piercing melody. The voice still rules the heart of every Bengali, with the same feel decades ago. Kolkata and Durga pujo, both attached with each other in a sophisticated manner for years and incomplete without “Agomoni” of ma Durga on this fair and fresh day of Mahalaya. The day truly heralds the start of the festive season, it surely serves as a remainder to all Bengalis across the world that ma is coming, she is on her way, Durga Pujo is just around  the corner. Most awaited time of glory starts with early beginning of radio program ‘Mahishasharura Mardini’, the domination of demon, which thoroughly depicts how ma Durga exterminate the demonic Mahishasharura with her super-power and saved the world from cruelty.

And Birendra Krishna Bhadra’s recitation, its the most magical till date, the sublime corner you grow within your mind with holy heart and feeling, is surely the best thing to mark the beginning of “Devi-Paksha”. Reviving the excitement and believing in the home-coming of Ma Durga is possibly most wonderful phase of  someone’s life. Mahalaya, beginning of a new journey every year, and without listening the chanting mantras, a life of Bengali is incomplete. A day without the melody, a dawn without a holy feel is unfinished, absolutely insufficient to lead a Bengali life on such day of October.


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