Bhuribhoj at Bhoj Company.

Whenever I think about Bengali food, this is the place that comes in my mind, the dim lit restaurant along with the aura of epar ar opar bangla will surely give a electric feel to the Bengali inside you. And when its Durga Pujo, there’s nothing better than having a Bengali cuisine. We visited this restaurant on the day of Dashami and it was very special to have a fantabulous meal with favourite persons, we started with a non vegetarian thali.

Bhetki Fish Fry: The best dish I  have ever tasted, probably the best in town and crispy and crunchy feel is just lavish and the layered juicy fish inside is mouth watering.


Rice, Dum Polao, Jhuri Aloo bhaja, Shona moong dal: Next the main course started with plain rice and Dum polao, both of them matched perfection, they surely enrich the authentic taste of Bengali taste. Aloo bhaja had a great crisp and mixed with shona moong dal, every Bengali must have fallen for this savoury.


Kochu Pata Chingri: This one in so delicious, typical Bengali knows how delectable this is. Smashed in kochu pata and kucho chingri, this is the best I have ever had.

Chingri Malai Curry: Undoubtedly, Chingri Macher Malai Curry or Chingri Malai Curry is among one of my favourite Bengali dishes. A curry cooked with Chingri Mach is generally a part of any authentic Bengali menu. So we Bengalis, who are one of the hardcore fish-eating communities in India, love gorging on chingri, among others.


Kosha Mangso: A supremely decadent and rich Bengali mutton dish is the kosha mangsho. The term ‘kosha’ in the name refers to the process of cooking the mangsho, which means meat. The mutton dish boasts of traditional Bengali cooking ingredients like mustard oil, garam masala, and the quintessential boiled potato. Best served with hot luchis, this mutton dish is a sure shot show stealer.


Chatni, Papad, Misthi, Misthi doi, Paan: That’s what freshener is  called. The bhuribhoj is incomplete without misti doi.

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