Glory of Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore, the name itself is enough to describe world’s most authentic creator, Nobel winner and what a humankind, I find myself such unlucky that I haven’t seen him in my eyes. He is an inspiration to live, he is true admirer to live best life, when it comes to pen dwon some thoughts on him, how can I miss to write about our favourite  ‘Rabi Thakur’? The philosophy through his writings or songs gave me true courage to follow my heart and lead my life with best possibilities.


A simple question- ” What attracts you the most about Rabindranath?” my answer is everything!! Being a Bengali child, I got introduced to his works from very early in childhood, the memories, the loving Rabi Thakur made me fall for him. Day by day, through his every creations, my admiration and respect for him have multiplied to infinity. Imagining things through mind and courage made me feel like a creator. A search for true creativity engulfed me with every possible collection of his remembrance.

Words from solitude, words from remarkable aspect of this person has made us proud, first Nobel winner in the history of Literature has traversed our mind through hundred imaginable glory. Glory of personification, grace of creative mind, he is just someone who runs through my veins everyday, every moment and through every notion of perfectness. The person who gifted us thousands of songs, stories and unimaginable paintings, he is truly individual. Yes, I referred to ‘is’, yes, he is not someone who gave was in our glory, who is still glorifying Bengali presence through his sensible creativities, and he will continue to rule this world with same grace in the coming years also.

Have you ever imagined, a total subject can be produced of someone’s life with so much immense ideologies? yes, Rabi Thakur, our Biswakabi, his creations, discoveries were such vast and wonderful, the life was so intense, beautifully written through his hands. I am lucky to be a part of Bengali community which glorify his ideas , his thoughts, I am lucky that I can pen down my relatable thoughts about such wonderful person, yes, truly,

Kabiguru, tomare pronam!!

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