Walking through the history of Tagores

Being a Bengali girl, the first story I learnt back my childhood was ‘sohoj path’, the ‘kumor parar gorur gari’ was the first line I went through back my golden days. The only name I was fond of was Rabindranath Tagore. While growing up in North Kolkata, Tagore’s ancestral house was just five minutes away from my place, so I couldn’t help myself from not visiting the history of Tagores. Exhibiting through the most peaceful place has enchanted me like glorified learning, it prominently exchanged true piece of enhancement, the house has been restored and maintained well. The mesmerising feel through the sprawling rooms, corridors reminds the day of Tagore’s childhood and possible the evolution days of becoming a poet. While walking through the corridors, one can feel that Rabindranath Tagore walked through the same corridors long back, some can feel the presence of being through history. A visit to Jorasanko Thakur Bari is always an exhilarating experience, revisiting the golden memories, this enormous house and the ambience of the magical moments is always a winner.

Jorasanko Thakur Bari (Thakur Dalan)

A pleasure of being in the room where Tagore was born, to stand in the room where he breathed his last is truly a wonderful experience although. A visitor can possibly go through the phase of kitchen where Mrinalini Devi  would cook, and the dedicated galleries attached to Tagore’s life is a marvel to eyes.


There is so much we can know about him and his lifestyle, and missing out a visit to this place is obviously  heart breaking. The museum preserves with great love and care, surrounded by his very personal belongings, one can truly sense the warm sensation flow through his veins and can perfectly sense Tagore’s soul inside. It truly discovers ‘Purano sei diner katha’ with every drop of the place. Its not just only Tagore’s living place, its the ancestral home where he had headed his half of the lifetime with feels of wonders. And the most gorgeous is the chileykotha, the place where Kadambari, Tagore’s bouthan used to live after his marriage, where she died, the feel of a soul still rests there. None is allowed to enter that chileykotha, but roaming under the room is possibly a new feel to begin, the enchanting beauty, a final  satisfaction runs thorough the place of Tagore.

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