Christmas Chronicles…

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingles all the way,

Santa Claus is coming to Kolkata, sliding on his sleigh.

Its Christmas !! Celebrating Christmas in Kolkata is a grace to die for. A colonial stronghold back in the day, Kolkata has a very strange relationship with Christmas. Even though there aren’t many Christians in the city but Kolkata is a place where Christmas celebration is like its own festival. The churches are decorated , families go for hopping in Park Street. Christmas and Park Street , both are synonym to each other in Kolkata. Live performances at Allen Park, food extravaganzas, crowds of people, twinkling lights make the street lit up and graceful place in Kolkata. Enthusiastic spirit is the wow factor over here!!! Cheers to the lit full glory of Christmas fest.

Wine, fruit, plum cakes, fresh bread are along awaited!! Food , church, parties are a total sum of delightful ambience to the cheer up. And most importantly, my Christmas gets lit up with my presence in the family, that is what I have wished for the years to commence. A day with my dearest, a day with my important people, a day with my beauties all around is a bliss to me.

Chronicles of the day of 25th is a total bliss for me, familiarization with the eve from my childhood has been the prettiest memory to cherish forever. Santa Claus, gifts, everything has been magical, though I’m 21 now, I still believe in the Christmas lights. I still have faith on the nativity of this noble day of Jesus’s birth. Every year I look up to this December, the wintry morning, the chill around the corner and the frost around the winter tide is my high time to get nostalgic. I am absolutely loving my day with my favourites, a movie outing, red wine with plum cake and mingling around bunch of celebrations , I’m totally in love  with my type of Christmas. Christmas tree, baking memories are absolutely the magical chronicles  of this time. I have shared innumerable memories with Christmas, I am never going to forget this!!


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