Indian Museum- Glorifying Ancient feels.

Indian Museum, a loyalty to witness has rare collections of antiques, armour and ornaments, fossils, skeletons, mummies and Mughal paintings. With a central courtyard that allows sun an rest to the visitor, it definitely offers a grand story on delightful view. Captured with an opulence of vision, the museum tells a tons of stories etched on ancient histories by unrelenting time.


Galleries, each with own specifications and histories have truly sharpen my thoughts of glory of ancient historical specimens. I have wonderfully cherished this visit to Indian Museum, a moment to remember and sharing the perfect day with the oldest collections is truly mesmerising. All total six galleries, Geology, Botany, Zoology, Anthropology, Archeology and Art, these places were just worth remembering. Walking through the histories, prehistoric classic through ancient civilizations are purely a pleasure to eye.



Races and minerals, earth and meteorites, everything about fossils, industrial botany and human evolution everything made this place so special. Walking down the balcony of Indian Museum, I have thought of revisiting the oldest curriculums of histories. Preserving the finest taste has made this a beauty of modern and ancient history.


I truly loved Egypt part where still you can sense the presence of Egyptian mummy, 4000 years old, but captivating our mind with the oldest era feel. The museum still holds fossils from 98 million years, it is drenched in oldest histories, and revisiting the glorious era is a positive vibe for me.


Opportunity to get a wonder visit here, I feel myself lucky enough. While in Kolkata, this should definitely be in the must visit list of everyone. Glory of millions of years, glory of articulates, glory of perfect anthropologies are still a masterpiece to watch at its finest. After a long years gap, when I made an efficient trip to be in this place, it really took away my breath and I am truly in love with this museum once again.


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