Before 2018 ends..

2018, yes, the year is left with just two days only, this year has definitely been a very fortunate for me. A power-packed year, it should be called, lasting stories, different opportunities and a blissful end, yes together all of these, 2018 has truly offered me so much. Without a few drawbacks, no success can be received, still I have made few jealous, I have taken few rough decisions, but if we need to calculate from the beginning to end, I have surely gained more.

With constant family support, specially mom has given me so much, lessons to be learnt, happiness to be restored, everything made this phrase so perfect. A whole new year, 365 days, the each day I cherished innumerable memories, the each moment I have shared valuables. The year started with few warm up internships, dream job at SHEIN and then AKLF diaries, meeting up a series of favourite authors and visiting book fair was lit-up. Redefining every moments to get glorified, I have always nurtured a true sense of appreciation from the hardest people.

This year, 2018 has always been so special, I received book publishing offer, yes!! now officially becoming an author!!! Its an esteemed resource that I’ll always adore. And there’s many more on the list, having a blast on Durga Pujo days, and a quite a few movie outings, and lunch dates with family has been my love.

After a bunch of exams and exams, still I’m happy to share positive vibes all around. ABSU 18 has really been a great journey , I met so many delegates and was lucky enough to have a few words with them. And a blissful weekend of Christmas delight and new year vibes have kept me mesmerised. I’m happy to welcome new year with my positivities and a glorious mind.

Happy New Year 2019!!!


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