Rosogolla-movie Review

A movie that is just not to watch with eyes, but also to feel it from the depth of your heart. A simple story, told in a simple manner, portrayed in a simple order, Rosogolla movie is the winner all this way. The lead pair just nailed it, and supported ably by an ensemble of very talented cast. After watching this movie, I would like to say it is very inspirational and also emotional for every single Bengali person because this is based upon their favourite sweet Rosogolla.

A sweet has a long struggle in processing and analysing both, it is not merely a biopic of a sweet seller Nabin Chandra Das but we can also find the then contemporary socio-political situation of Kolkata. When anyone wants to make new things, when he wants to discover ownself, there are lots of struggles to cross. Nabin Chandra Das had to break all stereotypes from the society to make this new thing ‘Rosogolla ‘which is the closest to our hearts. Bengali is incomplete without having Rosogolla , it is the sweetest and the closest to our dream.

And obviously I’m loving this film so much, I’m in love with every aspect of this biopic. It’s all about failure, misfortune, insult but nothing could stop him and while doing the film, boasts a cast of steller character actors and what has picked interest is the casting of Ujaan Ganguly as Nabin Chandra Das. For a first timer, he will just leave you spellbound. A mere with so much emotions, a movie with  emerging victory, it is a story of love, struggle and the aspiration to do something new.

This movie is surely a must watch, if you want to taste it through eyes, you have to catch this sweetest film Rosogolla. It is wholesome a family entertainer. The lead pair together with an ensemble of a very able actors make this movie a treat. I  totally loved it, Rosogolla , as sweetest as its name, this is a visual treat to have on the new year eve.



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